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74% Say They Will Not Watch LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Reality Show

NO ONE CARES! LeAnn Rimes & hubby Eddie Cibrian have been pitching a show to networks about their lives. But in a national poll, 74% said they would NOT watch! Ouch.

Both stars are trying to revive their careers and reality TV seems to be the fastest way to make the two popular again, while at the same time providing a healthy paycheck. But so far, no networks have expressed any interest.

“LeAnn has seen how The Real Housewives show has turned Brandi (Eddie’s ex-wife) into a star. She has a best selling book and is always in the magazine and on the TV talk shows. LeAnn thinks a reality show could do the same thing for her,” one insider tells Naughty But Nice Rob.”Plus, it will give her a chance to show America who she really is”

LeAnn, good luck with that!



  • LOL what people say they will not do & turn around & do is two different things. Prime example is the K’s. lol everyone has to see the train wreck.

  • Too late Leann, with all the self-serving interviews, tweets, songs, etc., we all pretty much know who you are, and really don’t want to get to know you any better-thanks anyway.

  • She copies everything Brandi does, from her clothing to her bags and shoes. She uses Brandi’s doctors, has Brandi’s ex husband and wants the kids. She also has Brandi’s friends. She is so pathetic can’t wait for these two cheating homewreckers both to fall.

  • They can both just disappear.