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A lighter side of James Gandolfini! (Laughter, no underwear and erections)

Back when Newsweek was still a thriving magazine, in 2001, James Gandolfini, Lorraine Bracco and Edie Falco were featured on the cover of the iconic magazine.

Now an ex-staff member, that was at the shoot, tells Naughty But Nice Rob that the day was full of laughter, nudity and even erections!

“I remember when we shot The Sopranos for the cover, James was posing with Lorraine who was playing around with him pulling his pants. I remember him saying he wasn’t wearing underwear and made her stop pulling on his pants because it was giving him a hard on,” one eyewitness tells Naughty But Nice Rob. “ They had to shoot Edie separately as she was filming and edit her in later. The shot was a lot of fun they were all really nice and playful.”

R.I.P James!


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