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After 50 years, Miss Kay and Phil Robertson still enjoy some “honeymoon” nights

Just because Miss Kay and Phil Robertson have been married for more than 50 years doesn’t mean they still don’t enjoy some “honeymoon” nights, just maybe not as frequently as before.

You two are still hot for each other.
-That’s right and we talk about it which is really strange. Phil did a lesson in church. He said we’ve always been in love but as we get older things change. You don’t do things as often as you did. Sometimes I ask Miss Kay, ‘Are you ready for a honeymoon tonight or do you want to pop some popcorn, get a Coke and watch a good movie?’ I say, ‘What do you think?’ He says, ‘Let’s get the popcorn,’ and we laugh and laugh. We’re very open. A lot of people are not used to that. Last night a guy from church brought Phil a big box of popcorn.

You really believe in going to church.
Here’s what they used to say, ‘I’ll get my life straightened out and then I’m coming back to Church.’ But you come back there it’s like a hospital and Jesus is the physician. He straightens out your life and then you get help.

You’re very open.
-I was the first leader at church to tell that I was pregnant before I got married. My generation didn’t talk about those things.