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Aviva Drescher – “This season of NYC is going to give Jersey and Atlanta Housewives a run for their money”

The NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB team caught up with REAL HOUSEWIFE AVIVA DRESCHER this weekend at The Little Mermaid event:

Your book is coming out early next year. Are you nervous you’re going to upset people?
-Oh I’m probably going to piss everybody off (laughs).

You wrapped yesterday. There were rumors you were going to quit.
-Those were big rumors. I’m not a quitter, I’m a fighter and survivor. I would never quit anything as long as I was having fun.

So what was the season like?
-O.M.G. Seriously this season is it. This is going to give Jersey and Atlanta Housewives a run for their money. It’s got everything, violence, it’s wild.

And LuAnn just broke up with Jacques.
-I know, I’m as shocked as everybody else. I’m sad. They were in such a love couple and it seems that what separates them are external circumstances, which is that their needs and ages are different as opposed to having any wretched problems because they’re really madly in love with each other. It’s really a heartbreaking story. She’s upset but she’s muscling through it.

How are your relationships with the girls?
-Some girls I have a great relationship with and some I don’t have a great relationship with. It’s a mixed batch. It’s very extreme. It’s either love or hate, there’s no middle ground. Everywhere I go I track drama.