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Barbara Walters looking for a lesbian

It is no secret that Barbara Walters is shaking up The View next season. Joy Behar has confirmed to NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB that she is looking forward to the next (comedic) chapter of her life, while Elizabeth Hasselback’s days on the sofa look numbered, despite Babs insisting otherwise. However, it is not just any lady that Barbara wants to replace them with – she wants a lesbian.

“Barbara has gone lesbian crazy since the Supreme Court vote on marriage equality,” one View insider tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. “She thinks the future trend is gay, gay, gay and is insisting that they find a lesbian to join the show.”

The last gay co-host was Rosie O’Donnell and no one can argue that she didn’t bring attention and spice back to the stale show. But now Barbara is looking for a very specific type of lesbian – someone more like Sarah Gilbert from her arch-enemy The Talk, than Rosie.

“Barbara is obsessed with The Talk. She is a fierce competitor and is old school about studying the ratings every day. The Talk is a monster hit with its light, happy approach each day. You can expect next season of The View to be more like that. Less fighting about politics and more gossipy and fun,” adds another TV executive.


  • Wanda Sykes would be perfect and she’d verbally rip Hasselback!

  • Dear Barbara,

    I am a single Lesbian from Toronto Canada interested in this position.

    Born in Greece on July 9th 1969 adopted and moved to Toronto in March of 1975. Raised as an only child and not knowing how to speak English I was bullied as a child.
    Was the first to come out as a Lesbian in highschool; got suspended for it and dropped out at the age of 15.
    After a long self battle the way was paved for the entire Scarborough school board to accept and for others to come out I went back to school and completed my highschool diploma.
    As a Mortician my experience with the public, speaking in front of large crowds;directing co-ordinating and most of all working as a team player since 2004.
    After many years of guilt and shame; allowing others to hold me back from myself and my dreams goals and desires I percivered with the greatest of determination I became the silent inspiration to all the peoples lives I have impressed upon as the leader of today
    “I am all that, I am”;
    a talented well educated enthusiastic individual who operates from a creative plane and positive state of mind. In the most darkest of times I have developed a real good sense of humour; this I most value of all my skills to be of most importance.

    Much Gratitude,

    Maria Arvanitidis

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