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Channing Tatum ignoring Rob Lowe digs (thinks he’s old and jealous)

MAN WAR ….. Channing Tatum does NOT care what Rob Lowe has to say about his latest movie! After Lowe tweeted that he was “not really into a bubble gum romp about our White House being destroyed” (referring to
Channing’s new movie) …. Channing stayed silent! A source says that Channing “doesn’t have time” to respond.

“He is going to ignore it,” a friend of Channing’s tell’s NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. “Rob shouldn’t talk, he has made a lot of terrible films, but Channing doesn’t want to engage him. One day he will know what it feels like to get older and hate on younger actors too. But at the moment, he is too busy enjoying his life to worry about old Rob Lowe”


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