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EXCLUSIVE: The Kardashian’s Are About To Launch A New Top Secret Travel Business

A reliable source has filled us in on a clever little KARDASHIAN tidbit and we wanted to share it with you right away!

It looks like the Kardashian Empire is about to get even BIGGER with a new company that the entire clan is involved with: TRAVEL WITH THE KARDASHIANS – A travel company based on trips that you can take inspired by the members of the Kardashian family!

“There will be PACKAGES available as different and unique as each Kardashian. All of them are different price ranges – with the most expensive packages based on the travel destinations of Kim and Kanye”

According to the source, a major travel company approached the “Kardashian Mob Boss” Kris with the proposal and she has now had all of the family signed on (with hefty paychecks for the rights to use their names).

“Each Kardashian / Jenner will be very involved in the design of their namesake travel package, making sure every detail is perfect for the traveler buying the package”

Hey Why Not!? Get that $$$ while the getting is good Kardashians!

Would YOU take a Kardashian Vacation? Give us an idea which Kardashian you would pick to inspire your trip and WHERE that would be!

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