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Jason Priestley on being Brad Pitt’s roommate! Plus, first time he met Tori Spellings husband!

Naughty But Nice Rob has another couple of tidbits from Jason Priestley’s book.

Jason was roommates with an unknown Brad Pitt. It was right after he had filmed ‘Geena and Louise’ which would be his breakout role and after filming he conducted a secret affair with Geena Davis who had recently split from her husband Jeff Goldblum. Their gang had a Christmas party, lots of booze and cartons of cigarettes were exchanged. Brad had just returned from his family’s home in Missouri and he brought back a box of… Bibles. Each one was embossed with a friend’s name in gold next to a tiny cross. “Brad was so pleased with himself he could not stop smiling.” Of course his twenty-something friends were a little surprised by the gift! Jason still has his Bible.

When Jason introduced himself to Tori’s husband Dean McDermott he refused to shake his hand and was rude and aggressive. Jason says he’s been asked many times to appear on Tori’s reality shows but ever since he discovered she had sold his wedding invitation for five bucks in a yard sale he “hasn’t been able to find the time.”

When he visited Shannen Doherty on the set of the Aaron Spelling produced, “Charmed” he asked her how she had managed to talk Aaron into giving her another show as she had been unceremoniously fired from “90210”. She gave a very sincere answer on how she had loved the script and really campaigned for it but within five minutes she was complaining about her co-star Alyssa Milano and she was going to force Aaron Spelling to choose between them. By the end of the season Shannen was booted from the show.