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Jessica Robertson starting another Duck Dynasty business!

Look out for another Duck Dynasty business. Jessica Robertson (she’s the gal married to Jep) happens to be an excellent sewer and would love to do a line of children’s clothes!

Is sewing your hidden skill?
-I sew really well. I started sewing right after Jep and I got married. I quilt a lot. I’ve just taught the girls how to sew. I’ve made baby clothes, quilts and bedding and sold it to boutiques around here. I have a love for fashion and creating clothing.

Would you like to do a children’s line?
-I would love to. We’ll see what happens. I’ve been sewing a long time.

Do you like the trend for little girls clothing to show skin?
-Oh no not at all. I’m a modest person. That doesn’t mean I don’t like trendy things. I just know I want to cover up. I would never want anyone looking at my child that way. I can’t even imagine looking at that in a store and buying it. Even when my girls wear skirts I put little shorts on underneath.