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Jill Zarin almost drowns – fights for her life (updated – new picture)

This weekend was almost the end of Jill Zarin, and this time it wasn’t Bravo trying to kill off the unsinkable Miss. Zarin.

“While Kayaking in the Hampton’s, Jill found herself caught in a very strong current and started to panic. Thankfully she managed to calm down and stop fighting the current allowing it to bring her back towards the shore. It was terrifying, she had to fight for her life,” a friend of Jill’s tell’s Naughty But Nice Rob.

Jill has moved to the Hampton’s for the summer into a new house that I’m told is spectacular. And wanted to try Kayaking with a friend.

“She has never been happier. She is having friends over to dinners and drinks and enjoying her life. She is still in touch with ladies from the show, but has moved on,” adds a pal.

Jill confirmed the scary incident to Naughty But Nice Rob, but passed on elaborating. She also didn’t want to talk about the new season of Real Housewives or the recent pay negotiations. She is now home, safe with her family – and wants to warn people to be careful before taking to the water!

Unfortunately, others were not as lucky as Jill in the water last weekend, our thought and prayers are with them.


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  • It looks like a cry for help. She wants the attention that she lost when she was fired from Bravo. Get a life Jill.