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Joan Rivers Banned From The Tonight Show??

Joan Rivers made an appearance on last night’s “The Tonight Show,” with Jimmy Fallon debuting as its host. Her appearance on the show was significant for more than just a cameo.

On the exact same date 49 years earlier, February 17, 1965, Rivers made her very first guest appearance on “The Tonight Show” starring Johnny Carson. That appearance changed her life and career forever.

Joan Rivers Tonight Show Johnny Carson

“It was a double thrill for me to help welcome Jimmy on his first night. The program brought me great luck, and I know it will do the same for him,” says Rivers. “He’s the consummate entertainer whose reign as host, I predict, will surpass any of his predecessors.”

“Being in the studio brought back the most wonderful, wonderful memories of the night that jump-started my career,” Rivers says. “So when people ask me, ‘why was last night different from all other nights?’ I’ll tell them that it certainly beats Passover!”

Joan Rivers Tonight Show

Rivers, who used to be a regular guest and guest host, was banned as a guest on “The Tonight Show” back in 1986 when she left to do her own late-night show on Fox, The Late Show starring Joan Rivers.

Joan joked, “It’s about time! I’ve been sitting in a taxi outside NBC with the meter running since 1987.”

Watch her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon by clicking here.

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