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Johnny Depp To Star in “The Abominable Dr. Phibes” Remake

Johnny Depp is set to play the lead role in a remake of the 1971 Horror Classic “The Abominable Dr. Phibes.”

The original film starred Vincent Price as a man bent on revenge against the team of Doctors whom Phibes blames for the death of his wife. Following the Ten Plagues that befell Egypt as the model for the murders, Dr. Phibes is a cult classic film and considered one of Vincent Price’s most signature roles.

Director Tim Burton, a longtime fan of Vincent Price and the Phibes films, is on board to direct the updated version of the movie which is at its heart, a gothic love story.

Depp has stated before his genuine affection for the original film and its lead character Dr. Anton Phibes. Director Burton, whose first film was “Vincent” a tribute to Vincent Price, says that “Dr. Phibes was a childhood favorite of mine, a mix of pathos, horror and dark humor.”

Burton even attended the Film’s Los Angeles premiere in 1971 at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre as a 12 year old boy. Everything comes full circle!


  • AlanPS

    as my friend Darth Vader would say… NOOOOOOO

  • DustyWizard

    As long as put too much comedy in it like in his Dark Shadows movie.

  • Phillip Maberry

    this will be fun

  • tombrol

    Just leave it alone please.

  • bozmanbeyond

    NO FREAKIN WA!!!! This is the best news you could get on such a great day.

  • Andrew M Bark

    Here’s one thing I don’t get – if he’s such a fan of the film why does he want to remake it? Remaking it suggests that there’s something wrong with it. And most fans will be dead against it.

  • Bawb

    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Willy Wonka-RUINED.. Dark Shadows RUINED. WHY don’t they leave great movies ALONE?????

    • Reagaaaan

      They were not ruined! They were made so brilliantly and creatively!

      • jhewitt3476

        I have to agree, Willey Wonka was over exaggerated, then Dark Shadows & Lone Ranger were completely camped out, God help us Vincent Price fans !!!

    • Tom Turner

      And Planet Of The Apes ruined.

  • ST

    I have said this before on other threads covering this subject, I’ll say it again… This is such hideous and awful news to surface on the 102nd anniversary of Vincent Price’s birthday. Stop the hack that is Tim Burton before he craps on every last thing that we hold dear. When was the last time Tim Burton did anything original that was not somehow based on some other, better artist’s work, often from another medium? It has been decades. When cows go mad and horses go lame the humane thing to do is put them down, yet the suffering continues with Burton.

  • G.C.Kirkland

    *Abominable Dr. Phibes REMAKE Rant.
    You know, I guess I’m an old, pissed-off white guy but Hollywood really has lost all its class and regal charm. It took me about three days once I got out there to realize that much of the Hollywood image I was fed growing up in the Midwest during the 60′s was a ruse; that the place is basically a sunny cesspool overcrowded with desperate transients for the most part. Thirty-one years ago this Summer marks the first time I drove cross-country to arrive at Sunset Blvd and get my introductory parking ticket from a cop who told me that if I had come all this way planning to live in the back of my van that I had made a huge mistake. He wasn’t wrong… I’ve been back a couple times since thru the years, only visiting. During the 80′s & 90′s several acquaintances relocated to L.A. loudly proclaiming their inevitable big splash in tinsel town. Too hip and beautiful, their talents shining brightly they were big fish in a little bowl here in the tri-cities. One or two of them are still out there, convinced that their big break is just around the corner but time is a complete bastard and Hollywood doesn’t like OLD THINGS. Another old thing that they have no respect for is the beloved, classic horror movie. Films that hold big places in my childhood heart are being categorically assaulted by those West Coast dinks looking for quick, easy money. The slew of awful remakes seem to multiply year-by-year.
    Now, can we agree that Johnny Depp & Time Burton are a great team for the most part and that they’ve created a few classics of their own in the past? Let’s just say Yes for now and then acknowledge that some of the films that they’ve done were complete boners. They were going for cute homages but it was just crap. Seriously. We all know that making a good, accessible film isn’t easy. Heck, even completing a bad film can be difficult, but Depp & Burton are part of the Hollywood machine with a vast army of resources at their fingertips all whom are working at the top of their game.
    The “remake”. It all boils down to money obviously. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp probably have more than enough. Perhaps they should just take some time off? No. Yesterday I read the announcement that Burton & Depp are remaking one of Vincent Prices’ signature pieces “The Abominable Dr. Phibes”! Sacrilege! Have they no shame? No scruples whatsoever? I can’t write anymore without becoming a passive-aggressive jerk. If you’ve grown-up loving the Phibes movies as I have then I think you’ll understand. Talk amongst yourselves…
    G.C.Kirkland at DARKHAUS SOUND & FILM, INC.™

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  • Craig

    “Depp has stated before his genuine affection for the original film and its lead character Dr. Anton Phibes.”

    Right. That’s what he said about “Dark Shadows” and we know the train wreck that became.

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  • Abel Barbosa

    Let me guess Helena Bonham Carter going to be in it lmfao!

    • ☣Desirée

      Yes, probably(most likely) as Vulnavia >_< Has anyone heard any more info about this?? I'm holding out hope it's nothing but a bad dream…. (by the way, there's not a thing about it on Depp's IMDb page..? o_O )

  • Roxsy Tyler

    There’s movies I genuinely love too but if someone asked me to remake any of them I’d say no. Even if I could remake one movie I loved so much I wouldn’t because I loved it the way it was. I loved Johnny Depp and Tim Burton when I was a kid but I grew up to despise them. An actor and director who only want to be known for remakes now? Congrats to the Depp and Burton duo! You both have sold out and can no longer be classified as “artists”. You don’t create, you don’t perform, you merely recycle. What a waste of both of their talents. If these guys want to constantly remake and perform these older movies… hey Johnny, hey Tim! Get a camera and go do it in your basements. Leave us out of it.

    • Willy Billy

      Leave us out of it? Is anybody really forcing you to watch their movies?????????????

  • Dwheatley1968


  • GaryB

    No Thanks!!!

  • John De Salvio


  • Viviana


  • Mercedes Reyes

    cant they come up with something original they have to ruin perfection?


    I like Burton and Depp films, but Phibes is a favourite film of mine, and the only Phibes, can only be VINCENT PRICE. LEAVE THE FILM ALONE!!

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  • chien_clean

    I love those movies but strangely I don’t mind the updating cause they were rather cheap looking.

    As long as Burton keeps it as a horror movie.

  • Billie B

    I enjoy the fact that Tim and Johnny do these over because I never would see them if they didn’t. I wish people would say when they comment about not liking a film that it is “there opinion” and does not necessarily apply to anyone else. In my opinion I enjoy their films.

    • dugless

      I like that Tim and Depp are re-introducing “Phibes” to newer and younger audiences. It may encourage them to seek out the original which is way better than the crap that passes for horror entertainment these days!

  • Greg Vadimsky

    Let’s hope there’s no CGI, which would be the easiest way to update it, but would also take away the charm of a really good makeup.

  • gordon_wagner

    Tim Burton needs to THINK ABOUT WHAT HE’S WRECKING THIS TIME. Slow down and make something worth watching, Timbo. Thanks for screwing up Dark Shadows. How about NOT remaking Dr. Phibes? There’s no way you’re going to do better that Fuest.

  • Jimmy

    When is Tim Burton going to give up, He is running out of ideas so bad he making remakes of his own films.

  • Rodan Thompson

    Uh.. I halfheartedly think this might work. Even though his Dark Shadows cast very little shadow and left us mostly in the dark as to why they even bothered… it was such a poorly written script. Shallow and very predictable. I love the Phibes.. probably just as much as Burton does… I wish someone else wold do it. His mark has been put on so many remakes that he’s like the re-make king… someone needs to depose him. There are other directors you know. I’m kind of a Burton / Depp defector.. They really need to move on. And give someone else a chance.

  • Ian Robinson

    That 21 Jump Street and Cry Baby heart throb playing Barnabus the vampire, a dirty old pirate and now Dr. Phibes!! . .. oh GREAT!! That a-hole Burton seems to be under the delusion that this guy is the new Sir Larry Friging O’Livier or something!!

  • Ian Robinson

    That 21 Jump Street and Cry Baby heart throb playing Barnabus the vampire, a dirty old pirate and now Dr. Phibes aye? . .. FUCK THAT!!!! And that asshole Burton, what is his fixation with this guy? HE seems to be under the delusion that this guy is the new Sir Larry Fucking O’livier or some shit!! Truly abominable indeed!!!!

  • Bill Gliniecki

    I’m guessing that this project is null & void by now, but really people – the whining is a bit sad. A lot of things have been remade; and to varying degrees of success. Even if the remake totally sucks ass, some kid somewhere who never had seen the brilliant original is going to learn of it from the remake, and then seek it out, watch it, and fall in love with it. Stop the whining.

  • Shawn McDonald

    Hmmm…. don’t understand the whining about Burton doing ‘too many” remakes…. best as I can recall, he’s done 3 out of about 30 films – Planet Of The Apes, Dark Shadows, and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, which, I’ll point out, was not a “remake” of the Gene Wilder movie but his version of Roald Dahl’s book. I loved “Phibes” when I was a kid too, but come on, people… time marches on.

  • Mick7777

    Johnny Depp as Dr. Phones,sounds cool, if they make it like the original, a horror / comedy. It was more than campy, it was down right funny, and they should go for the same effect again. One thing they should make Phibes burned face really scary like the original, but they should not use the same face. I can’t wait to see the Phibes remake.

  • Mick7777

    You are all stupid, Depp’s version of dark shadows was brilliant, so was his Willie Wonka, and the demon barber, I have yet to see any movie of Johnny Depp’s that is bad. Every single movie he had ever done had been great, except that movie where he was to kill the president or his daughter would be killed, but even that was good, just miss cast, Johnny did a great job, but they should have had someone else play the part. Johnny Depp, and Robert Downey Jr. Are the two best actors in cinema today and ever, they both rank up there with John Wayne, Charlton Heston, Orson Wells. They are cinematic greats, not like the pathetic work of Leonardo DiCaprio or Adam Sandler, or worst of all Vince Vaughn.

  • Vanhellsink

    Another cock up in the making ditch Burton and Depp get a decent director like Sam Raimi and Geoffrey Rush in the lead role …..only then will the remake do justice to the original!!!!!!

    • Derrick Hassert

      Those are both excellent ideas. . .which is why they’ll probably never be done.

  • Ian Robinson

    The last thing I want to see in the world is the great ghoulish Vincent Price supplanted by that 21 Jump Street and Crybaby heartthrob. I had a difficult enough time with him as Barnabus the vampire, Willy Wonka, and a dirty old pirate. What is moron Burton’s big fixation with this guy? . .. he seems to be under the delusion that he’s like the Sir Larry Frigging O’livier of this age or something. If they were going to do a Phibes remake then they should’ve at least cast another actor with a creepy presence and vibe like Price had, .. not some typical Hollywood total puppy dog.

  • Derrick Hassert

    Geoffrey Rush would make a great Dr. Phibes.

  • Terry Wright

    Another Burton/Depp bomb. I love the original. Don’t mess it up. Do something original for a change!!!!!!