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Kanye West concerned North West isn’t responding to his music…yet

She might only be three weeks old but Kanye West is already worried about his daughters taste – as North West isn’t responding to her daddy’s music.

“Kim has been talking and playing music to her daughter while she was pregnant. She was told it helps sooth and relax the baby. But now she has arrived, she doesn’t appear to be the biggest Kanye West fan,” a friend of Kim’s tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. “In fact she seems to cry every time one of her daddy’s songs is on. At first it was funny, but now, not so much.”

Kanye has made in clear that he would rather North follow his career path than Kim’s. Even going so far as to tell pals, “with my DNA the kid will be a musical genius.” What Kanye didn’t bank on was there are many different genres on music – not just his!

Please, let little North love Barry Manilow. Remember that baby on Murphy Brown that could only go to sleep while listening to Barry? I can just imagine it now – Kanye singing Copacabana around the nursery!

HARSH ….. After his lowest selling debut week of his career, Kanye Kardashian (!!!) just got even WORSE news. His CD dropped an embarrassing 80% in its second week. OUCH


  • This is why people are sick if all this nonsense. The K’s need to quit spinning this crap. Lol the manipulation and trying to cover all bases for attention is absurd..

    • Do you really think they would put out there that Yeezy’s baby is not down with his music? The tabloids are writing whatever cause they can’t get anything!


  • There’s still hope for her!