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Kathie Lee Gifford Accidentally Gives Out Her Daughters Phone Number ON THE AIR

This morning Kathie Lee Gifford was so excited that her daughter, Cassidy Erin Gifford, called after a long flight home that she answered the phone LIVE on-air – before accidentally giving out her daughter’s number.

Kathie Lee saw it was Cassidy calling and picked up the phone announcing, “You are on-live Cassidy.” Mother and daughter had an adorable short conversation and then disaster struck – momma held the phone up to the camera and revealed Cassidy’s number to the WORLD!

“I feel terrible,” Kathie Lee told Naughty But Nice Rob, who was on the set to give the morning’s celebrity buzz. “We are changing her number right now, calls are already coming in.”

Next time Cassidy love, try not to call mother at work! Wink

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  • Why is Kathy still using a flip phone? While I understand accidents can and do happen, I don’t get why Kathy Lee felt the need to prove the call was from Cassidy in the first place! somethings off.

  • i think she held it up without thinking…i was in the studio

  • She just wanted the audience to hear it was Cas on the phone. She’s no techy, could care less about a new phone – good for her.