UPDATED: Kellan Lutz pants are WAY tooooooo tight – you can see everything (NSFWish)

Sometimes, you need NO WORDS! WINK



The above photo was found to be a FAKE!!  Unfortunately, the bulge was digitally enhanced.


Here is the original photo, untouched:Kellan Lutz Bulge 1 Kellan Lutz Bulge 2


However, judging by these photos from back in 2009, Kellan doesn’t need any help from photoshop.  He’s still got it! Wink!

Kellan Lutz Bulge 3 Kellan Lutz Bulge 4

  • Morgan

    So is he a grower or a show-er? Either way not a bad start :)

  • Mark

    it’s not photoshopped! Don’t you see – the hand in his pocket? :) this hand does not just sits there doing nothing!

  • jose

    So what retouched or unretouched, the guy is HANDSOME. He’s man Hot. Perfect example of why someone would say size does not matter. I just wish he doesn’t have a shitty personality. Personality trumps.


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