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Kelly Clarkson baby news (A boy or girl?)

In less than a year, Kelly Clarkson, 31, will have gone from Miss Independent to Mrs. Brandon Blackstock, all while touring and recording three albums. But the Grammy winner revealed to THE GOSSIP TABLE that she also wants to be mom to a baby girl — soon!

“I did not ever want kids but my priorities are changing because now I want a baby real bad — a big, chunky baby. I want a girl!” Kelly goes on to say that she and her fiancé, Brandon Blackstock, don’t want to stop at just one.

“We’re thinking maybe two,” she confides. “I’m not patient, so I already have names picked out for a boy or a girl, and what kind of diapers they’ll wear. It’s crazy! We’re very excited.”

Kelly is already getting some great practice for motherhood with Brandon’s kids [Savannah, 12, and Seth, 6]. “It’s really good. I go home to these two awesome little kids,” she adds. “They are gifts.”

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