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Kim Kardashian trying to become Sarah Jessica Parker (EXCLUSIVE!!!)

Kim Kardashian is so desperate to distance herself from her past and become the new Carrie Bradshaw – she has hired Sarah Jessica Parker’s publicist to make it happen.

“Kim wants to be seen as sophisticated, as high-end fashion, not the girl who made a sex tape and is famous for being famous,” one publicist tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. “She is trying to buy her reinvention by employing SJP’s team.”

Recently, Kim ended her long-time working relationship with her respected publicist and hired Sarah’s. (Oh yeah…let’s not forget that Kanye West attempted to run her publicity for a while as well.  We all know how that turned out.) Now Kim is looking into hiring SJP’s stylist and hair and make-up folks.

“Sarah thinks the whole thing is flattering but a little creepy,” adds one insider. “If Kim wants to become Sarah, her advice would be to go to acting classes. Learn a craft and become admired for the work you do, not just the way you look.”