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Lindsay Lohan Leaves Phone In A Safety Deposit Box

Lindsay Lohan, who is serving a 90-day sentence at the Betty Ford Center, was so concerned about protecting the numbers in her cell phone from falling into the wrong hands that the troubled star put her phone in a safety deposit box before entering the facility.

“Lindsay’s entire life is in that phone. She has contact information for everyone. Celebrities, stylists, make-up artists and the numbers to get almost anything she wants throughout the world,” a friend of the actress tells Naughty But Nice Rob. “We joke that she is an international concierge. If you want something in London at 2:00am or New York at midnight, Lindsay knows a guy who can make it happen.”

While at Betty Ford, Lindsay will be monitored closely via security and technicians 24 hours a day. She is forbidden from having a cell phone and can only make brief calls or use the Internet on weekends.

“Her phone is her drug,” adds another close friend. “She is never without it. She is always texting and on it. Over the years she has assembled a list of contacts that are some of the best in their profession in the world. She wants to make sure that list does not fall into the wrong hands.”

Is it just me, or does Lindsay’s life sound like the plot of a Mission Impossible movie?

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  • So much for trusting her family.


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