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Lindsay Lohan Rehab Plans Leaked By Her Dad (see his email)

Below is the email Michael Lohan sent to the Naughty But Nice Rob this morning. It has not been edited.

“Lindsay has communicated to me and even the owners and clinicians at The Lukens Institute in Palm Beach that she wants to go there, but Mark Heller cut a deal to get a referral fee if she goes to Morningside in Newport Beach. IRONICALLY, the same rehab who has had mutiple legal issues and even leaked that she was going there about a year ago but never did. But just today, they called a tabloid to leak it again. Just look at my twitter and the dirt on this place, then look st Lukens.”

“And although the City Attorney will sllow Lindsay to go to Lukens, Mark Heller lied to her and said she she is not approved. Why? Because Lukens doesn’t pay off people like Morningside does! If Lindsay wants real treatment and the best treatment, she will go to Lukens like SHE WANTS.”

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  • I’m still cracking up that she insists on getting to take her speed while she’s in there. I rehabbed 3 times and you need a court order to take an aspirin.

  • this poor girl doesn’t stand a chance

  • I think it would be against the legal code of ethics for a lawyer to take a referral fee, not to mention advising his client in order to keep that referral fee. If what Michael Lohan is saying is not true, he could be facing a libel lawsuit.

    As for Lindsay, I don’t think she’ll make it. She already missed all the commercial flights from NY to LA, and now says she’ll be flying in a friend’s private plane. Well, we’ll see tomorrow.