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Maria MEAN-nounos Will Not Be Missed By Staff

She has blown through ET, ACCESS and now Extra! But after just two years standing next to the adorable Mario Lopez on the hit entertainment show Extra, Maria will not be missed.

“Maria was 100 percent not fired, but it was made clear to her that her contract would NOT be renewed” a source tells THE GOSSIP TABLE. “She was very difficult to work with, so difficult that she was known as Maria MEAN-nounos around the set. She acted like a diva on every TV show worked on, so it’s not surprising her behavior did not change when she arrived at Extra.

Maria is now convinced she will be the next Kardashian with her Oxygen realty series, “Chasing Maria Menounos,” however, the debut numbers were so disappointing that it is unlikely to happen.

“Her entourage was bigger than Mariah and on Extra it took her ten takes to do one interview. It is understandable why Mario Lopez got frustrated. He doesn’t suffer fools. He doesn’t suffer unprofessional,” adds another insider. “She makes a thousand excuses. The dog has always eaten her homework.”

Maria also had the nasty habit of making everything about herself. Recently when she interviewed Chelsea Clinton, she made it about Maria – talking about her dad pressuring her into having babies. Now she once again finds herself talking about Maria, but this time, no show is listening.

“She has been pitching herself to Good Morning America to replace Lara Spencer but they are not interested,” one TV insider reveals. “Now she is looking towards work in Greece, where she considers herself the local Princess Diana.”

But up next, she is off to Miami. “She has already had her people buy her new tiny bikinis,” laughs one pal. “She is going to get press and attention in the sun even if it means using her only – two – talents”