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Mariah Carey cannot ‘give away’ concert tickets! (I blame American Idol!)

DISASTROUS ….. As Mariah Carey’s new single continues to bomb on the charts, it seems people won’t even see her for FREE. Although 60,000 free tickets were distributed for a concert in Central Park this weekend, the turnout was significantly smaller.

“You couldn’t give the tickets away,” one insider tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. “We expected a huge crowd but they never came.”

Mariah has been having trouble since her disastrous time on AMERICAN IDOL. She has had trouble getting her new music played on the radio and now is having trouble getting people out to watch her perform.

“The biggest problem is the music,” says one record executive. “Instead of singing big power ballads, she is trying to be cool and hip. Mariah should do what she does best. If she does that, then the fans will come running back.”

The only problem with this advice, is that Mariah refuses to let anyone know she is no longer 21!


  • i don’t know what’s happening out there if Mariah Carey cannot draw a free crowd. i have been a fan from the beginning and while i have always enjoyed the “power ballads,” i also like her body of work. i think every singer has these turnarounds. look at Cher and Barbra Streisand. they disappear and come back, disappear and come back, and even top the charts after the age of 60! i will admit that i have always thought Ms. Carey was a bit of the diva but in very odd ways. i will have to look for her new music. but i am sure i will find something i like. if i was in NYC, i would definitely be in attendance!!

  • If I was there I would have gone still love you Mariah.


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