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Neal Schon and Michaele Salahi getting married (EXCLUSIVE!)

Neal Schon and Michaele Salahi have confirmed to NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB that they are getting married this year. Planning a big wedding with all their friends and family, and yes – Journey will be the wedding band.

“It is this year, 2013,” Michaele tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. “I want to keep the date a secret for now, but we have hired Sharon Sacks as our celebrity wedding planner.”

“We’re having a great time on tour. Wedding is coming up this year!!!!” adds Neal.

The woman who once walked into a White House party uninvited is ready to walk down the aisle for the second time.

Michaele Salahi got engaged to Neal Schon one year after ditching her husband for the Journey guitarist.

Schon popped the question to Salahi on stage Sunday night as Journey performed its hit song, “Faithfully,” at a benefit for the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.


  • Im so excited for the most exciting couple in America! Congrats. This wedding will be the best ever for sure. True love is once in a lifetime ♥

  • You mean Neal has hired a wedding planner. Salahi doesn’t have a penny to her name. Would love to see the prenup. Isn’t she like #6? How long till he kicks her broke ass to the curb?

  • How sweet of you Rob to censor comments. Wouldn’t want to hurt your buddies’ feelings.

  • Im so excited for this exciting couple! I can barley contain my happiness ♥ I wish you guys the absolute best.

  • Is this going to be one of those same-sex marriages since she used to be a dude?

  • Michaele & Neal will finally seal their fate as the couple of the year when they exchange their vows in will certainly be the event of 2013.
    No couple has worked harder to make their “fairy-tale” dream a reality as they march down the aisle, to live happily ever after…”and forever faithfully.”!

    • Since when did fairy tales begin with once upon a time two people committed adultery….

    • Nona
      The fairy tale part is since the beginning of this love story someone has made posts about their wicked, jealous exes…for the most part innocent people they dragged into their drama and now enjoy trashing. Think Cinderella and her sisters, only it’s Cinderella unglued.

  • Better idea. Save the money and pay back her debts to the poor people she and ex cheated out of. Disgusting. Neal’s fans have no clue to this woman’s past.

  • Michaele & Neal will have the most stunning wedding of the year…because their love is something rare and refined, a gift more valuable & fair more rare than a flawless diamond or a pyramid full of gold and riches beyond ones wildest dreams. They have found one another and their devotion to each other…is forever faithfully!!!

  • Neal & Michaele glow with love and happiness. I am a Journey lover my whole life. Michaele is a classy lady.
    Happy for them.
    True love story.

  • Wow this hate club house of jealously is extra tired! Do you guys not know that what you spew out will come back to you 10 folds? Stop the hate and learn to appreciate. You all didn’t think M and N would last 1 Milla sec and now they are on their way down the aisle;) while you losers bathe in your own misery.. eat your hearts out

    • Losers… in the losers who were cheated out of money by charity fraud, business fraud and multiple bankruptcies. There is no hate club, more like a truth squad!

  • Michaele or Michelle deserves a break. Even a blind dog gets a bone and she’s had more men in her than Trojan Horse.