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Now, Kim Kardashian Wants To Study At Harvard University? (Legally NO JOKE)

After Kim Kardashian joined Kanye West as he gave a speech to a lecture hall full of students at the Harvard Graduate School of Design before Kanye’s concert in Boston on Sunday night, the reality star has decided that getting an education is something she would like to do.

“Going to Harvard with Kanye really opened up her eyes,” a pal tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. “She would love to enroll at the school and get a great education. It is something that Kanye supports. The couple will not be moving to Boston but Kim is looking into taking classes at home, like Tyra Banks did. If that does not work out then she plans to look into a school in L.A. Kim has got the education bug!”
Virgil Abloh posted a picture of Kanye surrounded by attentive students with the caption, “Just gave a talk at Harvard GSD with Kanye. Super surreal. #DONDA design lecture series #yeezustour (sic).”

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 6.01.20 AM
Kim took to Instagram to share her pride in West.
“My baby speaking at the Harvard Graduate School of Design,” she gushed.

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For those of you wondering, yes, Banks did attend classes on the Harvard Business campus, but they were part of an Owner/President Management extension program and not part of the school’s top-ranked Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.).
Banks enrolled in three, three-week units over a period of three years, costing her $33,000 per unit.
Upon completion of the program, Tyra was presented with a “Certificate of Completion” according to O.P.M.’s Porfolio Director, Jacqueline Baugher. Clients can call themselves “alumni of O.P.M.”
There’s something about the way Banks refers to her time at Harvard that’s more than a little disingenuous.

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