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Once again drugs found on Justin Bieber’s tour bus (is he the new Amanda Bynes?)

U.S. border agents found marijuana on Justin Bieber’s tour as it crossed into Detroit from Windsor, Canada.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman Ken Hammond confirms that the bus was stopped Sunday as it attempted to enter the U.S. on the Ambassador Bridge.

Bieber was not on the bus at the time.

In addition to drugs, drug paraphernalia were found.


  • Please don’t be a Perez Hilton spreading false info. Marijuana is not a drug & completely harmless.

    • Okay…. whether it’s harmless or not, it’s illegal. There is no point in this article where they say it’s harmful. It’s a plant, yes. But the plants contains a drug. Yes it’s a drug. Just like Aleve is a drug, just like Tylenol is a drug. That doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing. So stop trying to defend it by saying it’s not a drug because it is, and you’re only making yourself look stupid. Thus, making the chances of nationwide legalization drop. Educate yourself before you start advocating, because while I agree with you on completely harmless, it is a drug.

    • Lmao, you’re the one who looks stupid. It’s called a drug because William Randolph Hearst spread racist lies about it. Seeing Hemp as too big a competitor to his paper mills & newspaper empire. So no, it’s NOT a drug. You’re brainwashed into believing it’s the same as man made toxins. Get a clue, & obviously I do know what I’m talking about. So go learn something & get back to me…..

      Ps. It’s really naive & self destructive to label a plant with no harmful side effects, with addictive & fatal man made toxins. I’ve been advocating legalization for years, & this is our stance. It’s harmless & shouldn’t be classified as a drug. Doing so is detrimental & misleading to society.

  • I’m waiting for Bieb to start doing degenerate things to get publicity.Like getting arrested and pretending to be bisexual.