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Sharon Stone To Film Basic Instinct 3!

Hot news if you’re a Sharon Stone fan! (Who isn’t?) Sharon has recently been in talks to finalize plans for “Basic Instinct 3″ which, among other raw topics, would take on the adult film industry as part of its storyline. With the immense “popularity” of online adult sites (they’re mostly all free now!) the time seems right to add this theme to the minx, er mix.

Sharon, at age 55, is still a smokin’ hot hottie and she’s been hanging around with her gal pal Nicole Aniston (no relation to Jennifer), a 2013 Penthouse Pet of the Year, huge star of adult films and best of all, a spitting image for a young Sharon. “Nicole is like Sharon’s kid sister when they go out for drinks and to have fun. Nicole has a great sense of humor like Sharon so the two are constantly laughing when they’re together!” says a pal close to Ms. Stone.

Sharon is trying to convince both original Director Paul Verhoven and Michael Douglas to return for the new movie, but that’s still in the works. Sharon lobbied to have “more sex scenes” kept in “Basic Instinct 2″ which was not a success due to a convoluted storyline and a lack of heat between the leading man and Stone.

Would Nicole Aniston make her big screen debut in this film? Stranger things have happened. One thing is fairly certain…Sharon won’t be appearing in any of Nicole’s upcoming movies!!

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 3.38.51 PM

Don’t they look alike??

Here’s another picture of Nicole Aniston, just because…

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