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Tan Mom spills Divorce details to THE GOSSIP TABLE – wants “normal” guy who is “good in bed”

Patricia “Tan Mom” Krentcil has filed for divorce from her husband, Richard, after he failed an infidelity test on a TV show.

An insider reveals to THE GOSSIP TABLE that their marriage of eight years has not been easy and the breakup is not a surprise, “Patricia was not ready for fame and all of the attention that she got. She loved it, but she also was sometimes mortified by her behavior. She did not have any control of her actions and when the attention was gone she craved more.  It was a lot for her husband to have to put up with, so they fought all the time.  He had to put up with so much.”

A few moths before the split, Tan mom texted NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB saying, “I’m toooooo independent. It’s so boring. I just want to have a normal friend who doesn’t try to control and have fun. Good in bed. It will happen, I never look. Plenty like me. I’m just not interested and trust me, married doesn’t matter. I plan on leaving him anyway. I’m happy just bored with him.”

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