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The Kardashians have FINALLY lost their tabloid crown to ANOTHER FAMILY! (We know who!)

Is Uncle Si from ‘Duck Dynasty’ the new Kim Kardashian? You better believe it.
Last week, US Weekly made a daring move, putting the family behind the monster TV show on its cover – and the payoff was that the Duck Dynasty cover might have given the magazine it’s biggest selling issue of the year!

The series, which is a ratings juggernaut – its fourth season premiere drawing 11.8 million viewers, the highest-rated nonfiction cable telecast in history – dominates the average of 4.4 million total viewers that watched Kim get married on E!

However, until Monday, it was not known if they could sell magazines. Now, the answer is a clear yes.

“The cover sold huge. Early numbers say over 580,000 copies,” one magazine insider tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. “That is one of the best, if not THE best, selling issues of the year. It got close to outselling People magazine.”

Who would have thought Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson revealing that Si Robertson’s beard Is “Nasty….I Don’t Think He Washes It,” would sell more copies than Kim’s baby news!

It’s a new day AMERICA!

Duck Dynasty

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