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The Real Housewives leave NYC – Carole Radziwill in L.A. Sonja Morgan in Paris

The Real Housewives of NYC are so sure Bravo will meet their new salary demands that two of the ladies have left town.

Carole Radziwill is in Los Angeles and Sonja Morgan is in Paris with her toy boy boyfriend, leaving the negotiations to their lawyers.

“Ramona agreed to her salary and shook hands, but then changed her mind at the last minute,” one insider tells Naughty But Nice Rob. “Carole and Sonja are not returning to New York until next week and LuAnn and Aviva have refused to film until they have agreed on compensation. So no filming is going to happen this week.”

The entire cast are feeling very confident, believing that no-one who is anyone in New York wants to do the show anymore, making casting a nightmare. It sounds very easy to cast a reality show, until you start looking!

Bravo is threatening to pull the show or recast it if ALL the ladies do not sign their contracts by tomorrow. However, the girls refuse backdown.

“Ramona and Sonja are not talking after Ramona went behind Sonja’s back and negotiated her deal without her. Plus, good luck trying to reaching Sonja in Paris to get her to sign a deal,” laughs one insider who adds that Aviva will be a 30 Rock tomorrow morning – alone.

Now, this is a show I would watch!

A rep for Bravo had no comment.



  • It’s Bravo’s own fault for giving NeNe a million dollar contract. Bravo needs to make a stand now or all the wives will be wanting similar amounts. I can wait another season for the RHONY, or another city if Bravo chooses.

  • Everyone is replaceable ladies…go ask Jill and crazy Kelly…I live in New York City and would love 60K a year nevermind 500K for telling lies, going to parties and cooking with my toaster over!..I can cause as much drama for a lot cheaper…call me..

  • Aviva should get a million dollars for having to listen to that Rag Singer yap her jaw at her incessantly!

  • […] The Real Housewives of New York have been MIA, and BFF’s Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan are reportedly feuding over contract negotiations! RadarOnline reports that Ramona “went behind Sonja’s back” and negotiated a deal with Bravo. “Ramona agreed to her salary nd shook hands, but then changed her mind at the last minute,” an insider tells Naughty But Nice Rob. […]

  • Caroline Radziwill is the only reason I watch this show. Give her her own show please? That way I don’t have to sucumb to watching the rest of these caged animals. I can’t stand the constant whining from Aviva; and I suppose we have to put up with her father again this season. I’d gladly take 2 Ramonas over that pair. And dump the Countless already!!! her 15 min. of fame have expired!