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Tom Selleck STRUGGLING from crippling arthritis. OUCH!

Tom Selleck is tortured on the set of BLUE BLOODS on a daily basis, due to a severe case of arthritis.

“Tom’s days as the car-jumping-scuba-diving-action star are a thing of the past,” a source on the New York set of the CBS series told The ENQUIRER.

“He hates that his arthritis slows him down. Like most stars, there’s a stunt double for dangerous action shots, but Tom even uses the guy for simple scenes, like getting in and out of his police car.

“His arthritis bothers him more some days than others. But Tom’s an old-school, true professional, so he never com­plains about the pain.

We still love you Tom!


  • <3 love love that he is still acting!

  • i will volunteer to soothe his pain whenever he needs relief. 😉

    • The line starts BEHIND me–LOL!

  • What kind of arthritis? RA sufferers need a high profile spokesman. He’d be perfect.