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Tracy Morgan Calls Alec Baldwin ‘A MESS’ – And Doesn’t Hang With Tina Fey!

Tracy Morgan is hilarious but insane. Just rambles, you can barely get a word in. A lot of fun.

You’ve got a 9 month old baby girl. What’s it like having a girl after 3 boys?
-Oh man I got a beautiful daughter and I also got a shotgun, a shovel and an alibi. That’s what it feels like. I had respect for women before but I look at women and females with a whole new different respect now.

Does it make you sick thinking of guys sniffing around her when she grows up?
-Hey, that’s a part of life. Guys love women. I don’t think its a bad thing. I just want the right people around her. She’s taking her cues from her mother. She’s not going to present herself in a certain way so they won’t come sniffing around her. You gotta understand some women gotta take the blame for that too, can’t just complain about men. You gotta look at how you carry yourself too. It’s not just about men. Men are naturally wired that way, that’s the way we are. We love women.

That’s God’s creation. Of course what man doesn’t want to have someone in his life?
But if you’re wearing the highest thing, the most provocative thing, of course you’re going to attract those type of people to you.

Are you extreme in real life?
-In real life I’m pretty much subdued. I’m normal, I’m not Tracy Jordan.

How old were you when you first made serious money?
-20, 21. Before that I was a crack dealer in my first life. You thought I was just Tracy Jordan? I had a wife and three kids before show business. I’m from the projects in Brooklyn, the ghetto. I was a teenager in the 80’s. Either you were using or you were selling it. I made a lot of money. Unfortunately I didn’t know what I was doing. I was trying to be like everybody else. All the kids in the neighborhood were selling it. We didn’t know we were destroying our own community. Thought about it later, I felt really bad and I still feel really bad about it now. I didn’t know. I seen how much it affected my family so I stopped doing it. Other than that I was just making money, I was like any other kid. Then I see how it tore my family apart and I said, ‘What am I doing?’ Growing up in the ghetto is pretty hard. It’s poverty, it’s frustration.

You said on Howard till you got on SNL you didn’t interact with white people.
-No why would I? White people don’t have a lot of interaction with black people. Why would I? I’m in the ghetto. I’m black. I was in the neighborhood. I was around family and friends. I bet when I went on ‘Saturday Night Live’ it was a culture shock for them too. They never had nobody like me at 8H. Nobody. I was straight out of the ghett-o.

I grew up me, Biggie Smalls, Lil Kim, Jay-Z, Chris Rock, we all come from one neighborhood, a 12 block radius, all of it. Jay-Z grew up right across the street from me. He’s one of the most influential people in the world now. That just goes to prove it don’t matter what color you are. It don’t matter where you’re from. It’s where you at, literally where you at. Where you at mentally, where’s your heart, how you live it. That’s what I learned growing up. It don’t matter black or white or nothing. I’ve known white people that touched my heart, they’re like my family. I’ve known black people I wouldn’t give the time of day to so it don’t matter. If you love me I love you back, that’s the bottom line. If you love me I love you back. That means we got an understanding. Understanding is the highest level of love and you transcend color. When I look into an audience I see all color faces out there that means I’m doing something good. That means I’m touching the world and making a difference with my sense of humor, that’s the work of God right there.

Not to make it sound like you’re full of yourself but…
-I don’t feel full of myself. I never feel full of myself because I’m just a vehicle. I thank God he’s using me to touch his children. I don’t feel full of myself. I feel like I’m empty of myself when I’m doing stand up. When I die I’m going to be a shell of a man because I gave y’all everything I had and that’s like Richard Pryor. Making people laugh, it’s temporary but making people care, that’s forever.

What do you think about what’s going on with Alec Baldwin?
-I don’t want to respond to that mess. I don’t want to even talk about that stuff.

Fair enough. Do you every hang out with Tina Fey?
-No, no, no, no! I have my own friends, she has her own friends. I’m a Dad, she’s a Mom. We don’t hang out. It’s not that kind of party. No! I’m a middle-aged black man, she’s a middle-aged white woman. What we got in common? No! The love is still there. We’re still friends and all that but when you’re successful you don’t get to see your friends and family much, you’re working.

What’s your take on horse carriages in NY?
-I don’t mind either way. Horses been part of the landscape in New York forever but I love animals and they’re treating them bad then I say get rid of them and let the animal live a peaceful life. I try to put myself in their hooves. But people enjoy them horse carriage rides and all of that.

Doesn’t it feel like maybe it’s not the most pressing issue in NY?
-I’ve still got family members living below the poverty line in New York. I’d rather deal with that. I don’t disrespect anyone or their causes or anything but I’m a black man in America. I’ve got family members that are starving so I’m not thinking about that. Those horses live better than some people, not just black people, white people too.

I like to champion my causes with AIDS or breast cancer or testicular cancer, things like that.

Testicular cancer?!
-It’s here. Dudes got cancer of the balls.

Do you know someone who has it?
-No! I know it’s here and it has to be addressed. Black unemployment, Latino unemployment, young white unemployment, it all has to be addressed.

Ever run for office?
-I’m not into politics. I think politics is a pile of tricks. Make promises to the people they never keep and when they leaver office they look at the people and say, ‘Oh well I tried.’ We never vote for the people we like, we vote against the people we don’t like. I keep my faith in God. I don’t put my faith in man. Man will let you down. It’s 50/50 with God. He’s doing his part, I’m doing my part.

I’m out here traveling this world trying to make people smile or having people identify and relate to me. Everyday stuff. When I first started doing standup, a lot of my material was based on my imagination and then I became older, I became a mature man. Now a lot of my material is based on my observations. Things I see everyday, the injustices, that’s what I try to make fun of and bring light to. I don’t want to just be funny. I want to be insightful. I try to keep my third eye clear. (He started singing) ‘I can see clearly now the rain has gone.’

How do you stay clear?
-Don’t be out there, don’t socialize. Everyone needs a little solitude because there’s a lot of crap out here. Don’t get caught up in it. Keep your mind right. It’s all about staying clear, clarity, so you can think. You don’t want to be burdened with a lot of nonsense.

So no more partying for you?
-No I don’t do any parties in 8, 9 years. When I partied I had a good time, in trouble sometimes. But everyone loved Chico Divine. I never hurt nobody. My party was going to listen to the music, have a little Hennessy and then going home. Partying is going out, dancing like they used to do in the 70’s and letting it all hang out. When I went out partying I had no intent. I wasn’t trying to pick no girls up. I stayed beautiful. All that stuff gravitated to me. You stay beautiful, anything you want, anything you need will gravitate to you but you got to take the good with the bad too when you’re beautiful.

Thanks Tracy. I think I got everything. You’re the best.
-You love this interview with me. It was engaging!