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All The Real Housewives Of New York have signed contracts! UPDATED!

The Real Housewives of New York are all return to work next week after everyone, including Carole Radziwill, have signed their contracts.

Bravo threatened to axe the show if all the NY housewives didn’t sign agreements for the sixth season by Friday, giving each of the ladies a substantial pay increase. But greedy Carole thinks her presence on TV is worth much more than what she has been offered.

She Tweeted on Friday afternoon, “I still haven’t decided. Payscale is ridix+it irks me to be given ultimatums. Just ask my last 5 boyfriends. :)” Then she asked her friends and fans to weigh in, tweeting, “What about you? Irksome?”

Ramona Singer and Countess LuAnn de Lesseps are now earning a whopping $500,000, Sonja Morgan is getting $350,00 and Aviva Drescher, Heather Thompson and Carole Radziwill have all been offered $150,000 for just 16 weeks of work! – way above the average 2012 median income of US households – which was $45,018 per annum

“Carole thinks she’s better than the rest of the ladies because she married a Kennedy,” one network insider tells Naughty But Nice Rob. “The ladies make more money working part-time for 16 weeks than most people make in a year. Plus, they get all the perks of being on a hit TV show. No-one in the history of the show has been less grateful than Carole. We get it, she thinks she is the Jennifer Aniston of reality TV….but the show’s rating dropped when she came on it. TV has survived without greedy Carole before, and will again”


UPDATED: Carole has signed her contract. The poor dear will have to make do with $150,000 for 16 weeks of part time work! Wink

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  • greedy

    • I agree with you Rob!! I don’t understand why Bravo doesn’t just recast those who feel entitled to earn more. I watched a few episodes of this franchise and the “new” ladies were okay….I love Ramona, Luanne, and Sonja– each season they seem to bring something different to the table. Ramona is a true inspiration.

    • naughty but nice rob,
      Just curious. Now that Carole hasn’t kissed ur butty like other hw’s do (probably to avoid u writing nasty colums about them) will we now be subjected to a barrage of not so nice blogs about carole once the new season starts? You are becoming more nasty than nice. Get a grip my friend.

  • Oooh. From one old woman to a soon-to-be other: look at that pic you took, Carole. Time marches across all faces & a HD cam isn’t afraid to expose that fact. If you don’t want to be on the show, just let it go. We know you don’t need the money.

    • Agreed!

  • Sonja should make way more than LuAnn. She is so much fun to watch.

    • I suppose if you think getting totally messed up and acting like a slut on national television is fun to you. Her poor little daughter will be the one to feel the repercussions from that exhibition of tawdriness, which is something she should have thought about at the time. I had liked her up until last season but she really acted like a pig, particularly on St. Barth’s.

  • She didn’t marry a Kennedy. She married the non-Kennedy cousin of a Kennedy.

  • They should just cancel it , there are other housewives to watch, greedy greedy greedy

  • What a greedy woman. Her ego is outta control.

    • wow Rob….haven’t see this much personal throw down since bethenny lol. Did Carole hurt ur feelings are somthing?
      Anywho…I think these women are beyond reasonable to a point….i somewhat understand where they are coming from from though. I think Heather and Carole have made BIG bucks in their regular careers….so this is nothing to them. All of the other housewives are “new money” and didn’t have careers prior to the show (besides Lisa v, Kandi, and ramona etc). However, they should follow the payscale of all of the other franchises as they were not paid a lot when they were newbies. IF they were pulling atl and jersey ratings then maybe they have room to negotiate….but they are not. I think they will get more from exposure (caroles book and heathers business) rather than paycheck this early in the game. Ramona the rest are veterans and have paid they dues. So they need to relax.

  • Maybe she wants the extra $$ to get some work done.

  • Carole didn’t make a fortune of money at ABC. She married into a very wealthy family. Who calls $150,000 for 16 weeks of part time work – “radix” (so out of touch)

  • what a waste of $. the show was boring! i stopped watching a long time ago!

  • So not fair for what past Housewives earned and the ratings sucked. Bravo thought firing Kelly and zJill that Ramona and Sonja could bring ratings hahaha The new girls are the ONLY reason the got any ratings. Tired of watching the two drunk combo making fools of themselves. I would understand woman my age in our 20s but these two could be my mom. How humiliating. Rob, I really like you and your blogs but you seem to favor Sonja and dislike Carole. I like Carole a lot. Sonia is just as greedy. Entitled to the point of people laughing at her. Hope they get a younger group like SUR

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