Selma Blair Poses with Michael J. Fox After Revealing He’s Guided Her Since MS Diagnosis

The two stars were all smiles as they spent time together, posing for a happy selfie which she shared to Instagram.
“I like this man. I am not alone in feeling this way,” Blair, 46, wrote of Fox, 57 — noting how the two were both wearing T-shirts of “underdog” pop cultural characters — he the 1970s punk band Misfits, and she the 1970s film Bad News Bears. “We are all a time capsule in this photo… my heart!”

Blair had previously revealed she reached out to Fox shortly after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, seeking his advice on how to cope with a life-altering health condition (Fox has been battling Parkinson’s disease since 1991).

“Your presence. You. The best,” she wrote to the Back to the Future star in her Instagram post. “Thank you.”
She then thanked another famous friend: Dirty Dancing alum Jennifer Grey, who took their picture. “I just blew your minds, right?” Blair said.

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