Ben Affleck: My sobriety is something I have to ‘work at,’ but ‘being an alcoholic’ is ‘part of my life’

While promoting his new movie Triple Frontier on Monday’s Today show, the star, 46, was looking happy and healthy. His stint in rehab last year is certainly a big part of the reason — and he discussed it.

“It doesn’t really bother me to talk about alcoholism and being an alcoholic,” he told Hoda Kotb after she asked about his 40-day stay in rehab, his third time in treatment, that began in late August and ended in October. “It’s part of my life. It’s something that I deal with. It doesn’t have to sort of subsume my whole identity and be everything, but it is something that you know you have to work at.”

The actor, who recently announced his retirement as Batman, continued, “I feel like I had a problem and I really want to address it, and I take some pride in that… It’s about yourself, your life, your family, and you know people — we encounter these kinds of hurdles and we have to deal with them.”

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