Freddie Mercury Had Secret Trans Lover

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The Daily Star Sunday newspaper is reporting that Lanah P helped Mercury explore his sexuality.

The pair first met when she was starring on comedy series ‘The Comic Strip Presents’ and was known as Alan Pillay.

Lanah, 59, told the newspaper: “Freddie saw me on TV and said to one of his friends ‘I saw this camp creature on television and I’d love to meet them’. So we met one night at Studio Valbonne in Soho.

“We drank Dom Perignon because he loved his champagne. And we had a lot in common and we gelled.

“A few days later I got a call and he asked to see me again. It was then the more intimate stuff started to happen. It was intense. Of course there was admiration there. But it was driven by lust.

“I was transitioning at the time. I had started my hormone treatment the year before. I was really quite surprised I was his type.

“His relationships before then were all gay men with handlebar moustaches. The type of men we called clones back then.”

And Lanah believes their affair allowed Mercury to understand more about his own sexuality.

She said: “I think I broadened Freddie’s understanding of himself. I helped him with self-discovery.

“I told him that I thought he went beyond limitations and was poly-sexual — he covered everything.