Here’s How Many Women Channing Tatum Actually Took Home After Stripping

Here’s How Many Women Channing Tatum Actually Took Home After Stripping

Channing Tatum is opening up about his naughty past in a new interview with Carly Fleischmann, a 21-year-old who was diagnosed with autism as a young girl and communicates with the help of a keyboard and electronic speaker. In Fleischmann’s new web series, Tatum, whose former career as a stripper was the inspiration behind Magic Mike, digs deep into his days as an exotic dancer.

“I would like to introduce you to my first guest ever! He has been a stripper, a police officer, a secret agent, a reporter, a boyfriend to many, and soon he will dump his wife to be with me,” Fleischmann jokingly begins. “I welcome Channing Tatum.”

She quips, “How about that Channing, would you date a 21-year-old person with Autism?”

“Yes,” the actor, who’s married to Jenna Dewan-Tatum, enthusiastically responds. “If I got permission from my wife.”

“I know you were a stripper growing up,” Fleischmann continues. “How many girls at the end of your night would take you home?”

“How many at the end of one night?” Tatum responds, laughing. He admits, “Some nights was more than others.”

In the same interview, Tatum also confesses to sneaking out at night with friend to vandalize construction sites when he was growing up in Florida.

“I lived in a suburban neighborhood where there were all these woods and stuff, so we would sneak out at night and go run around in the woods. In Florida, there were always houses being built, so we would probably vandalize houses,” he says with a chuckle. “Which now, looking back on it, I feel so bad that somebody was trying to build their house and we were just tearing it down every night.”

Seems like someone is a bit of a bad boy.