How Drake and a ”Six-Day Hangover” Helped John Mayer Stop Drinking

John Mayer celebrated two years of sobriety and it is all thanks to Drake.

“It was Drake’s 30th birthday party, and I made quite a fool of myself,” John explains. “It took me weeks to stop doing this every morning I woke up.”

Then, six days after what he describes as the “most amazing last-night-of-my-life-drinking,” he still felt the remnants of a hangover. “That’s how big the hangover was. I looked out the window and I went, ‘OK, John, what percentage of your potential would you like to have? Because if you say you’d like 60, and you’d like to spend the other 40 having fun, that’s fine. But what percentage of what is available to you would you like to make happen? There’s no wrong answer. What is it?’ I went, ‘100.’”

And from that day on he stopped drinking. Instead of spending his days drinking or recuperating from a nasty hangover, he went on “four tours, I was in two bands, I was happy on airplanes.”

He adds, “If you look at drinking the way you look at anything else, which is risk reward; ‘what am I giving up?’ ‘What am I getting?'”