Howard Stern is sorry for his feud with Wendy Williams: ‘That was me at my worst’

On his heydey and what an a-hole he was
I didn’t know what was up and what was down, and there was no room for anybody else on the planet. I remember thinking, ‘How could I have missed out in my life on someone so special because of some dumb posturing on the radio?’

On how America’s Got Talent helped humanize him to the public
I had a reputation as a stark-raving lunatic before tha. I went from America’s nightmare to Santa Claus. Literally, people were putting their kids on my lap.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s 2015 interview in which she got bawdy, turned things around for him
Sure enough, we start talking, and she’s fascinating, and I’m getting to know her, and then she goes: ‘One of the things you can do to make your man happy, ladies, is, like, sometimes in the middle of a fight, I just blow him. It ends everything.’ So, she took me there.

He hasn’t talked to Trump since Trump asked him to go to the Republican National Convention and he declined
It was a difficult thing because there’s a part of me that really likes Donald, but I just don’t agree politically. A more self-serving person would have gone all in on Donald because I’d probably be the FCC commissioner or a Supreme Court justice by now.

He supported Hillary and kept trying to get her on his show
There’s a segment of my audience that really gets turned on to people they thought they hated because we tap into their humanity. They were like, ‘F-k Lady Gaga, why are you having her on?’ And then it’s over, and they go, ‘Shit man, I’m going to go see her in concert.’

He admits Wendy Williams may have been right about him
That was me at my worst. I thought she was saying that I was a piece of shit and I sucked. But as [I hear it] now, I don’t see it as an offense at all. If ‘Hollywood’ means that I’ve evolved in some way and the show has changed, then yeah, she hit the nail on the head.

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