Kathy Griffin goes after Donald Trump Jr. over Jussie Smollett joke

On Sunday, the president’s eldest son tweeted about the Empire star’s alleged attack, saying Smollett is on track to ruin his career faster than Griffin.

Trump Jr. is referring to the fallout Griffin faced after that 2017 “beheading” photo shoot. Griffin caught wind of the remark and called him out for plagiarizing “a tweet that’s been around for at least 12 hours. You really showed me.”

She also dragged him for not having the guts to tag her in the post. “Worried about mentions in your timeline from my fans?” she taunted.

While Griffin certainly faced intense backlash after the photo shoot, she hardly views the incident as derailing her career — something she reminded President Trump about Sunday.

As for Trump Jr., he’s taken a particular interest in the Jussie Smollett saga. On Saturday it was reported that Chicago police are investigating whether the actor had any role in staging his attack or whether it was a hoax. Trump Jr. has been tweeting up a storm about the latest twist, given its “Make America Great Again” storyline.

Smollett is “angered and devastated” by such a suggestion he had anything to do with the incident and is continuing to cooperate with police, per his lawyers.

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