Kylie Jenner on Fame: ‘I Can’t Do It Forever’

Kylie Jenner on Fame: ‘I Can’t Do It Forever’

In a new trailer for her upcoming reality show, Life of Kylie, the 19-year-old opens up about her struggles with fame. Having spent more than a decade in front of the camera, Jenner admits even she has a hard time keeping up the glamorous public persona as seen on her Instagram and Snapchat.

“Nobody has a perfect life. But I’m not totally innocent because I am keeping up this lifestyle. I can’t do it forever,” she confesses. “This isn’t Keeping Up With the Kardashians. This is like a therapy session.”

“When you grow up on camera, everybody feels like they know you, but they don’t. I feel like a lot of people have misconceptions of who I am,” the Kylie Cosmetics maven explains. “There’s two sides of me. There’s an image that I feel constantly pressured to keep up with, and who I really am around my friends.”

Though Jenner may still have problems, like, realizing stuff these days, her sisters certainly don’t think so.

“She’s already a pro at this,” Kim Kardashian told E! News at the 2017 NBCUniversal Upfront presentation on Monday (May 15, 2017). “This is something she really wanted to do to show a different side of her. She hasn’t been that open on our show. So you’re definitely going to see her friends, her dating, what she does on a daily basis, how hard she really works.”

“Like what the hell does Kylie do all day long? It’s funny because [Kim and I are] with each other all day long. So with Kylie, I’m going to be a viewer like everyone else,” Khloé Kardashian added.

Life of Kylie will premiere July 6 at 10 p.m. on E!.