Nick Jonas Turned Down $2 Million to Perform at ‘All Lives Matter’ Event

Nick Jonas Turned Down $2 Million to Perform at ‘All Lives Matter’ Event

Nick Jonas was reportedly offered $2 million to perform at an ‘All Lives Matter’ event during the Republican National Convention.

He turned it down.

Justin Bieber was reportedly offered 5 million to perform at the RNC.

He turned it down also.

via NYDN:

Jonas, 23, was unable to attend the event — regardless of his political stance — as he was already booked to play in New York City’s Roc Nation charity basketball tournament on July 21.

The “Close” singer may have been offered some big bucks, but the figure was still short of Justin Bieber’s reported $5 million offer to play the GOP convention.

The Canadian-born pop star turned down the whopping sum in part because of his agent Scooter Braun’s support of Hillary Clinton.

It’s unclear if Jonas supports any particular party, but the New Jersey native did speak up about the importance of voting during the 2012 election.

He had also performed at a Clinton Foundation event in 2014 to help support the Arkansas community.

The former Jonas Bro is currently on tour with pal Demi Lovato, an outspoken Hillary advocate who made a passionate speech in support of the Democratic presidential nominee during this

Nick has spent the better part of the last two years trying to be ‘down,’ so kudos to him for having sense enough to stay away from anything ‘All Lives Matter.’