O.J. Simpson joined Twitter, and people are protesting by following Ron Goldman’s sister

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O.J. Simpson has been making waves across the Twitterverse by joining the popular social media site. But in a sharp contrast to Simpson’s series of casual posts, sent from golf courses and sunny backyards, it’s Kim Goldman that’s gaining traction on the internet.

Writer Yashar Ali noticed that Kim Goldman, the sister of Ron Goldman, didn’t have nearly as many followers as Simpson. Ron, a waiter and friend of Nicole Brown Simpson, was brutally murdered alongside her in 1994.

“I see that the unrepentant murderer just joined Twitter. Can everyone do me a big favor? Please follow Ron Goldman’s sister, @KimEGoldman. She should have more followers than that monster,” wrote Ali.

As a result, Kim Goldman started gaining followers with rapid speed. On Saturday, she had around 7300. Later that day, she hit 10,000. Ali kept campaigning for more people to follow Goldman in a series of tweets.

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