Rihanna sent Charlize Theron proof that their publicist likes her better

We share something in common, we are both fans of Rihanna. You share something else with her, which is you guys have the same publicist:

Yes. Which is tough. I get it , I mean. You want your publicist to like you. Like, you want to think that your publicist thinks you’re worth putting out there in the world and that has to come from a very authentic place. It’s hard when your other client is somebody like Rihanna. Like your coolness levels never (even out). But I sincerely thought that my publicist really loved me. So, for my birthday, she always sends me like a little text, and she was just like “happiest birthday.” She didn’t even write ‘birthday’, she just wrote ‘bday’. And then a couple of months ago, I got something in the mail and it was a t-shirt and Rihanna had made a t-shirt of the birthday greeting that my publicist gave her, which was literally like, “to my FAVORITE, most favorite client ever!” or the best. And Rihanna wrote in the following email, “I’m making a t-shirt of this and sending it to Charlize.” And I don’t think my publicist, Amanda, ever thought that was going to happen.

But she did! Rihanna printed the messages out, put them on a t-shirt and shipped it to Charlize.

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