Ryan Seacrest is HOW RICH?

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Ryan Seacrest is HOW RICH?

REALLY?! You probably know that Ryan Seacrest is a pretty rich guy. But just how rich? A new report says he’s worth a whopping $330 MILLION.

One of the most well known stars in the American television today is known to be Ryan Seacrest. He is also known to be as one of the highest paid TV stars. It has been announced that Ryan Seacrest net worth is 330 million dollars. In addition, his annual salary has been claimed to reach 65 million dollars, which increase his net worth a lot.

To the public, Ryan Seacrest is mostly known as a television show host, radio show host and entrepreneur. However, he is mostly credited with being the host of the American TV show called “American Idol”, which is one of the most viewed shows on American TV. Also, it is considered to be as the main source of Ryan Seacrest net worth.

His big break in the entertainment industry happened in 1993, when he was hired as a host of Radical Outdoor Challenge on ESPN.