Seth Rogen has regrets about the homophobic comedy he did a decade ago

The culture shifting rapidly: He recalls fans’ disappointment with some of his lines, like the ‘How I know you’re gay’ refrain from The 40 Year Old Virgin. “I’ve had people come up to me and be like, ‘That made me feel like sh-t when I was in the movie theater and everyone was laughing about that.’ I don’t want anyone to have that experience watching our movies.”

He finds inspiration in Kanye West: “It is a fine line…I remember the truth is at first, people were like, ‘Why you making shoes, man? Just make music.’ And his shoes are great. People love them…So there is something to be said for staying in your lane, but sometimes people do really great outside of their lane. So it’s something that I look at with myself: How much do you expand? How much do you try new things? How much do you spread your wings, or how much do you stay in your lane? It’s a constant modulation.”

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