Someone literally attacked Ariana Grande with a lemon during her Coachella set

Before everyone started investigating whether or not Justin Bieber was indeed lip syncing during Ariana Grande’s Coachella set, Ari had to recover from being attacked by a literal flying lemon. And no, you’re not being Punk’d in 2019.

During her performance, Ariana was dancing on over to a chair in the centre of a stage when a lemon hit her in the chest and bounced down to the ground before rolling toward the audience.

Please don’t even start drawing connections between Beyoncé’s Lemonade album and thinking she’d do this after those now-debunked reports of Ari earning more for her Coachella performance went swirling last week. Queen Bey would never, mmkay? Anyway, back to this sour situation.

The pelting was captured on video and so was Ariana’s reaction, which was downright savage. Here’s the moment it happened:

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