‘The Sopranos’ creator may have accidentally confirmed Tony’s death in the show’s final moments

After more than a decade of speculation, fans of “The Sopranos” may have had the mystery of the show’s final moment solved thanks to a slip-of-the-tongue from series creator David Chase.

“When you said there was an endpoint, you don’t mean Tony at Holsten’s, you just meant, ‘I think I have two more years’ worth of stories left in me,’” Sepinwall asks Chase in an excerpt from the book posted by Time.

“Yes, I think I had that death scene around two years before the end. I remember talking with [Sopranos writer and executive producer] Mitch Burgess about it. But it wasn’t — it was slightly different. Tony was going to get called to a meeting with Johnny Sack in Manhattan, and he was going to go back through the Lincoln Tunnel for this meeting, and it was going to go black there and you never saw him again as he was heading back, the theory being that something bad happens to him at the meeting. But we didn’t do that.”

When Sepinwall pointed out that Chase, in his answer, referred to the moment as a “death scene” the creator simply paused for a moment before saying, “F— you guys.”

For those unfamiliar, “The Sopranos” ended its run in 2007 with a scene that’s been talked about ever since. Tony and his family arrive separately to a diner and begin eating. A stranger walks in and the camera focuses on Tony’s face. In a controversial moment, the screen then cuts to black for 10 seconds before the last end credits rolled.

Now it seems Chase may have confirmed that the character met his demise.