Nick Cannon Slams Rumor He’s Writing Mariah Carey Tell-All Book

Nick Cannon told “Extra” that he was “extremely disappointed” that people actually believed a rumor claiming he was writing a tell-all about his soon-to-be ex-wife. “It’s a sad state where people can just make up whatever they want and it actually becomes news,” said Cannon, adding, “People like to perpetuate negativity, and it’s really sad …

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Oprah Not Returning Rosie’s Calls

Towards the end of the ill-fated partnership between Rosie and Oprah the relationship between the two ladies became very difficult.

Rosie was given her own talk show on Oprah’s struggling new network and despite showing promising signs her show was ultimately cancelled. Since then the two former Queens of daytime TV have not spoken.

“The deal was when Oprah wanted to reach Rosie, she would call and Rosie would get on the phone. But, when Rosie wanted to reach Oprah an assistant would take a message and her call was not returned,” one insider from the show tells Naughty But Nice Rob. “Since the plug was pulled, the ladies have not spoken at all.”

Rosie tried her hardest to help turn Oprah’s disastrous network around but whenever her show showed signs of growth it was moved to a different time slot making it impossible for Rosie to retain the audience she was working so hard to bring in.

“Ultimately it is safe to say it was a disastrous partnership. They both went into the venture hoping for success but at the time OWN was not set up to succeed,” reveals a friends of Rosie’s. “Now that time has past Rosie doesn’t hold any ill will towards Oprah, although it is such a shame that the one person, the person the network is named after, gave up on Rosie and her show.”

Now Rosie is enjoying semi-retirement with her beautiful new wife, new baby and children from her first marriage.