First Gaga Copies Madonna, Now A LEGEND Does The Same!!

Madonna has been known throughout the years for her eccentric style and affinity for pushing boundaries.

Many have accused Lady Gaga of becoming famous by copying Madonna’s style and now we’re waiting to hear the backlash about another artist who might be doing the same thing.

The only difference is, it’s not a newcomer imitating Madonna… It’s a LEGEND!!!

Cher just released her new album cover artwork and we think it looks eerily similar to a certain photo from a 1995 shoot of Madonna by Mario Testino.

Artwork for Cher's new album
Artwork for Cher’s new album
Cover for Cher's exclusive Target edition
Cover for Cher’s exclusive Target edition
Madonna 1995
Madonna in a 1995 Photoshoot with Mario Testino


You know what they say… Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. (Madonna must be very flattered.  Wink!)

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