Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman star Jane Seymour dating Derek Hough

COUGAR ALERT ….. Sources say “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman” star Jane Seymour (who is 64) is “bombarding” 30 year old DWTS dancer Derek Hough for a date.

Bindi Irwin is back in Australia and she is back at work at the zoo she loves so much. Before winning this past season of Dancing With The Stars with Bindi, Derek Hough had already planned a big trip to Australia. After winning the Mirrorball trophy together, one can imagine that Bindi invited Derek to the zoo where she works to give him a tour. And because Derek traveled across the world to visit Bindi, rumors started circulating about their relationship.

According to a new Instagram, Bindi Irwin is now setting the record straight without stooping to the level of these preposterous rumors. The rumors hinted that Bindi and Derek had more than a professional relationship, despite Irwin’s relationship and their age difference. But as Bindi explains, she sees Hough as an older brother.

“I will never forget the journey over these last few months. Thank you so much Derek Hough for visiting my world in Australia and being such an inspiration. You will always be my big brother,” Bindi revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture of herself with Derek.

Clearly, she wants people to know that she looks up to Hough and sees him as a brother, not as a potential love match.