Mariah Carey Former Assistant Tells All: BOOM

Mariah Carey Former Assistant Tells All: BOOM

DIVA ALERT … PART 900! A former assistant to Mariah Carey calls the singer’s behavior “beyond pathetic!”

“Mariah is worried because her assistants know everything. Her biggest fear is them all getting together and writing a tell-all book,” sources tell NAUGHTY GOSSIP. “They all sign confidentiality forms, but that doesn’t stop people from gossiping. What she fears most is secrets about her marriage and they way she treated NICK leaking out. She knows she is a DIVA but no-one wants all their business made public. The problem is that she has had soooo many assistants, she doesn’t know which one is spilling the tea – for the moment.”

The assistant revealed that Mariah won’t even wash her own hair! “She has a professional do it at the
salon or has an assistant do it!” The former staffer adds, “She couldn’t even work a microwave if she tried!”

Mariah Carey likes to work hard, and look amazing.

The star has been enjoying a beach vacation recently and on Wednesday posted a flawless Instagram snap showing off her toned bikini body.

Carey, 45, simply captioned the photo, “#sunset #pondebeach #islandlife” which showed her in a gold bikini top and a white sarong.